Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Ghostly goings in at Celyn Villa


Halloween seems to be the most appropriate time to talk about the  ghostly goings on at Celyn Villa. Several years ago we had a lovely couple of guests stay with us. We got talking after breakfast and they told us they were mediums! Being somewhat sceptical of course I asked if we had any ghosts here! Apparently we have two ! 

On further discussion we found out that there is an elderly gentleman who's sits in a chair by the fire place in the hall. Apparently he is very friendly and is happy just sitting getting warm by the fire. The other ghost is a young child who skips around the kitchen and is particularly happy when I'm cooking.  

It reminded us of when our daughter was a small child and one day she asked me ' who is that man in the hall mum' I asked her what she meant and she said there was an old man in a rocking chair by the fire and he had a big hat on! At the time we just put it down to a dream or a child's imagination but after our discussions with the mediums we did start to wonder. 

Luckily we have never felt either of these 'ghosts ' ourselves but I sometimes say hello to them, just in case. The other good thing is that neither of the ghosts are in the guests bedrooms so anyone thinking of staying don't need to worry. Soooky or what ! Happy Halloween everyone πŸŽƒ

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