Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Spring is on its way

I am sure I have said this before but Spring is my favourite season.  The hope and anticipation that you feel when the snowdrops start blooming and the daffodils and crocuses are peeping through always fills me with joy and the sure knowledge the circle of life continues.    It’s so reassuring to see the new growth.  When the trees are bare and lonely, they look so sad, as if they have been forgotten and neglected.  But then Spring starts its slow journey and in time all is renewed again. 

The B&B is not too busy at this time of year which gives us the chance to do any decorating or repairs that are needed.  It also gives us time to enjoy our home.  January and February are not really the months for gardening and I look out most days and ‘see’ what needs attention.  However last night’s guests departing words this morning were ‘you have a lovely garden’.  Such a nice thing to say at a time when it is probably at its least colourful – so looking again with fresh eyes this morning I can see that Spring is indeed arriving.