Friday, 11 January 2013

Last year seems forever away!

Les and I enjoyed a few days in Venice at the beginning of December.   Then our daughter came home from Canada.  Then it was Christmas.  Then New Year.  Then both my Mum and Dad were in hospital and I had to go south for a few days. Then we had to ferry our daughter around for interviews for a new job (which she got) and find her a new flat (which she has found).  All the time trying to finish my tax return, decorate the hall and finish a few jobs in the house and garden.  Today we went to see the film of Les Miserables and it’s still only 11th January.  So forgive me for not writing anything for so long but Venice was fantastic, its lovely to have our daughter home, we had a good Christmas and New Year, both my parents are  doing OK,  I haven’t quite finished the tax return, and I loved the film.  Lucky for us it’s a quieter time of year business wise but we are now back to normal again and Celyn Villa is open for business.