Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Knitting Frenzy

Is knitting something to do with age? I have literally gone mad. Ever since my new niece was born last August and I started knitting again I seem to never be without a project. I have made loads of baby clothes for her and then went onto dolls for Christmas and now have started making little Welsh dolls as well – had no pattern so adapted one.
Also found some great patterns on the internet for other sorts of dolls and when I sit down in the evenings (Cos on some evenings I do) I pick up the needles and clack away like a demented person. Several people who stay with us have asked about buying Welsh dolls so the little knitted ones may appeal (I have already sold a couple).

Unfortunately my painting has taken a back seat again and but I am going to spend the day with an artist in April so hope to find some renewed enthusiasm.

The garden is looking lovely at the moment with all the spring flowers and with this lovely hot March weather it is making everything look especially wonderful. The water shortages in other parts of the country are worrying but here in Wales all seems to be well at the moment. Wouldn’t it be lovely if we had a long hot summer? I expect we will be back in sweaters next week!