Sunday, 11 July 2010

It's just a new cupboard!

It’s funny how ‘things’ can change our lives.

I have put ‘things’ in quotes because on this occasion I do mean a ‘thing’. My new kitchen cupboard to be precise. I don’t consider myself particularly materialistic (though others may not agree) and have always believed that life changing events need to be rather more dramatic than having a new cupboard.

However I have to say that my new cupboard has changed my life. Let me explain a little. We have lived in our home for 24 years and during that time have extended, improved and decorated on what seems like a continuous basis. Although still our home it was transformed somewhat when we started offering Bed and Breakfast to guests in 2002. Gradually we started having more ‘things’ about the place. Extra linen, china, pots and pans etc as well as keeping stocked up on fresh provisions. Added to my love of gadgets (maybe I am just a bit materialistic) the kitchen cupboards in particular became overcrowded: pots fighting to get attention over pans and cups demanding to be matched to saucers.
A few months ago I had had enough of my overcrowded cupboards and decided I needed a new something for this overflow of equipment. I sat down at my computer – my preferred way to do my initial shopping these days – and started searching for big cupboards. Needless to say nothing was suitable because they came in two categories 1) not the right size and 2) too expensive.

My very lovely husband Les then offered to make me one. Of course I jumped at the chance knowing what a handy chap he is with a bit of wood, hadn’t he already made our lovely Welsh Dresser over 10 years ago. Although it would be a lot of work I knew he would enjoy the task. So began the weeks of work, the drawing up of plans, the hunting down of old pitch pine, hours in his ‘shed’ cutting, planning, tapping, banging and generally ‘wooding’. He was in his element and I was going to get a new, purpose built cupboard made to measure. I have now been using my lovely new cupboard for a couple of weeks and it has literally changed my life. All my other cupboards have been sorted, cleaned and refilled in an organised way. I can see everything easily, everything I use daily is in easy reach and I am no longer searching for that dish that I know is somewhere. What’s more I know my cupboard was made just for me with love.

Maybe it’s a stage in life where contentment seems much more attainable or do we just appreciate things more – but my cupboard has literally changed my life. Thanks Les xxx.


  1. It's lovely. What a talented man you have there. I mustn't dwell for too long on your cupboard and how fabulously organised everything it. My kitchen is still not functioning and all my things are spread in piles all over the ground floor. One day...

  2. Well done Les, a man after my own heart. The cupboard looks great. I built a kitchen in my last house. I asked the neighbours never to tell me if it was ever ripped out after we moved, I couldn't have stood the anguish.