Thursday, 30 December 2010

A family tradition

Its’ the same every year the weeks and weeks of preparation and build up to Christmas are at times hectic, at times frustrating but mostly enjoyable to me. The big day comes and goes so quickly that I always feel a little flat on Christmas morning. The anticipation of the presents, the preparation for the big lunch are swept up in the excitement of the day and it all speeds by so quickly. Because of this I think my Mother came up with the idea of ‘Tree presents’. I can’t remember when it was – sometime during my childhood, she used to keep some of the presents back for us to open later in the day so that the excitement lasted a little longer than the 5am early rise to see if ‘He had been’! These presents then became ‘Tree Presents’, just a little extra thing to open after lunch was finished, but before we settled down to watch the Queen and start the usual round of Monopoly and Charades. Well needless to say the ‘Tree presents’ are now a well established family tradition which any new member of the immediate family is introduced to as well as anyone coming for Christmas.

So when we have opened all the presents around the tree in the morning we still have the ‘Tree Presents ‘to look forward to. There always seems to be far more of them and they are usually something silly or rude and cause much extended mirth as (mellowed with a few drinks) we gather our not so little pile on the table and open them with glee.

Well we are back to normal again now with a house full of guests expected today for the New Year break. Christmas has gone and the next will come round far too quickly – but during the year if I see any little thing that takes my fancy – I will probably buy it and put it away for a ‘Tree present’ .
Happy New Year Everyone.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

All dressed up with nowhere to go!

The tree is dressed, the lights are up and shopping is done. Well of course being so organised just means you end up being ready too early. Because no matter when you get the Christmas shopping done, the cake made and the cards written – when you are faced with bad weather and you don’t know if any of your visitors will arrive for Christmas you feel a bit like that : ‘All dressed up with nowhere to go’. The frustrating thing is that here in Carmel we haven’t had masses of snow, the roads are clear and traffic is flowing. We have got off lightly again - apart from the freezing temperatures - 10° last night, oh and a bit more snow forecast tonight.

Let’s hope that everyone gets to where they want to be for Christmas, that the snow thaws enough for the roads to be clear, the planes fly and that Father Christmas (please note that I am still don’t want to say the S word) brings everyone what they want for Christmas – providing they have been good of course. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.