Thursday, 3 November 2016

Autumn thoughts

Suddenly there is a chill in the air and am thinking I need to put the winter duvet covers on the beds. I have left it so late this year as the weather has been so mild. We are now in the beginning of November and we have had the first frost of the year. But it has been the most fantastic Autumn with the best colours I think I have ever seen.  Apparently, it’s been the lack of rain that has caused this unusual phenomenon, no doubt that will soon change with blustery days and rain but we will make the most of the weather while we can.

It has been a busy few months for us. The arrival of our second granddaughter Daisy at the beginning of September caught us a bit on the hop, as she came two weeks early.  She was a tiny 5lbs and half an ounce (very important that half an ounce) but she is doing very well and is of course equally as gorgeous as our other granddaughter Florence, who is now a very inquisitive two-year-old, who brings joy and laughter to Les and I.   Grandchildren are such a blessing.  

Business has also been buoyant probably due to the lovely weather and we are now embarking on our usual stretch of maintenance and decorating. Most rooms always need a bit of a freshening up after a busy season so it will be out with the paint brush over the next few weeks.  We normally close one room at a time so that we can still stay open, so if you are reading this and thinking of a late break just give us a ring and we can see what we have available. 

Next stop Christmas.