Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Memories of another Jubilee

So it’s been a milestone weekend and apart from the weather a great success. We managed to fit a couple of Jubilee ‘things’ in over the weekend and of course yesterday was my birthday.
I always wondered why I was told that I was a Coronation baby – although it happened on the 2nd June 1953 and I didn’t pop out till the 5th, this weekend made me realise that such an important occasion would have had the country in a state of excitement for much longer than just the day.
However the Jubilee I really remember the best was the Silver Jubilee in 1977 when the street where my parents lived had a party. My Mum was one of the organisers and I remember weeks and weeks of planning by the ladies. The tables and chairs stretched all the way along the road and everything was decorated with red, white and blue, much like these last few days. We had sandwiches, pies, and sausage rolls with a fantastic cake, and jelly and ice cream for the kids and a barrel of beer for the men. There was a lorry parked across one end which played music and we all supplied our own LP’s, and took it in turns to change them.
There was also a fancy dress competition for the children and I remember my brother all dressed up as a Knight. I had spent hours painting a coat of arms on a shield for him and my Mum had made the costume. The annoying thing was that his friend won, he had also come as a Knight. But the judges didn’t realise that in desperation the day before he copied my brother’s idea and his Mum went and brought him his costume!! These days you can go into many shops and buy complete outfits for dressing up but then, a bought costume just wasn’t heard of – it must have cost a fortune. It still annoys me all these years later. It was a great day though and everyone in the street was happy – everyone was a friend and all the doors to the houses were left open for anyone to pop in and get more food, or go to the loo.
A lot has changed in the last 35 years but I think this week end we saw much of that British spirit on display again – long may it continue.
Next year it will be my 60th – can I call that my Diamond Jubilee do you think.