Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Holywell - full of history

St Winefreds Well
Old Cottages at Greenfield Herritage Park
Les and I have spent the day learning more about the history of Holywell - having lived close by in Carmel for nearly 30 years it is true to say that we do know a lot about the town and the area.  But as you would expect there is so much more to learn.  Today not only have we gained more knowledge about the 7th century shine St Winefrides Well – where Holywell gets its name: Holy Well, we have also found out more about the town itself. At one time Holywell was the most important town in North Wales and because of the profusion of lead mines at that time, the ‘World’ price of lead was set in Holywell.  The industrial heritage of the Greenfield Valley and Docks is fascinating and as well as copper goods for the slave trade and a cotton mill there are fascinating stories about the ruins of Basingwerk Abbey. Prior to the dissolution (thanks to Henry V111’s ) Cistercian Monks lived and worshiped there for 400 years.  If you are planning a stay with us in the future there are free guided walks around Holywell, Greenfield and Basingwerk Abbey.  Let us know if you would like any more information or you can contact the Holywell Town Manager via their website which has a lot more local information.

Ruins of Basingwerk Abbey