Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Cycling with Willis

We have for the last 20 years or so always had two dogs, so when we lost our lovely Sam recently we did think we would probably get another one. However that has all changed now. One small dog is so much easier to manage we have discovered. Willis has been everywhere with us recently and today we were able to go cycling with him too.  We have been unable to do much cycling in recent years ‘because of the dogs’ – not liking to leave them for more than a few hours at home and  never taking our bikes on holiday with us – but that hopefully has all changed now.  Les had the idea of getting a child’s buggy to go behind his bike and taking Willis with us.  A quick EBay purchase and we had the very thing.  We took him out for the first time today along the Wales Coastal path – and he loved it.  So we are now planning our next bike based  dog holiday – watch this space! Needless to say he drew a lot of attention from the holiday makers, most commenting ‘well I have seen everything now’.