Tuesday, 1 March 2016

30 years today

Thirty years ago today, 1st March Les and I moved to Celyn Villa.  It seems incredible that so much time has gone by so quickly.

It had been Les's long held dream to move to Wales as his  father was from North Wales and he had spent most of his holidays here, hw loved the beautiful countryside and slower pace of life.  Luckily he was able to get a transfer with his engineering job and like any newly married love struck wife I followed : not realising that I was coming to a different world. 

Back then we were living in the 'south of England 'Les being brought up in Kent and me in Sussex and Surrey.  We had both travelled extensively and worked in busy jobs, Les battling the M25 and me in the busy world of advertising and recruitment.   

So moving to a small village in North Wales was indeed a leap of faith.  We brought Celyn Villa, then a old three bed cottage in need of refurbishment and moved in. It was snowing, cold and there was no heating on when we finally arrive after our 250 mile journey. I also remember that there wasn't a light bulb in the place! 

After unloading the lorry (friends had helped us to move) we made up the beds and headed out to find something to eat. We went to the Stamford Gate Hotel, which in those days had a silver service restaurant and and we had Steak Diane and Crepe Suzette - how things have changed. 

Back then, there wasn't a decent pub for miles, no supermarket or A55.  I can remember Les coming home from work and tell me that he had found 'Sainsbury's' near Chester.' Luckily things have changed since then,  but what it did have was the wonderful countryside, seaside, hills and mountains that we love.
Over  the last thirty years we have extended and improved the house beyond recognition.  I worked in Chester for 16 years we had our daughter and are now grandparents.   

But I think Les and I both agree that apart from the big family life changing events, we have both been our happiest since we started the bed and breakfast 14 years ago.
The combination of being able to work from your own home, with each other, and meeting wonderful people from all over the world is one that we didn't even dream about  when moving here 30 years ago.  

I don't envisage for a moment that we will be here for another 30 years but hopefully long enough to keep enjoying this lovely part of Wales, and welcoming guests to our home.