Thursday, 11 November 2010

Farmers Market - Carmel School

As this blog is about Living in Carmel I thought I should include a bit more local news. Today, a windy, wet and dull Autumn day - which also happens to be Armistice day 11th November our local primary school Ysgol Bro Carmel held a Farmers Market. I hope the first of many such occasions. Carmel School must have one of the most fantastic views from its classrooms of any school. Looking over the Dee estuary to the Wirral peninsula and beyond even on a dull day is a fantastic setting.

Sadly Carmel like many small villages no longer has a post office or shop so the opportunity to meet your neighbours particularly this time of year when no one wants to linger outside in the cold, is minimal. So it was with much enthusiasm my husband Les and I went along to Ysgol Bro Carmel today to support their new venture.
We arrived just after it opened and the hall was crowded with children, parents and many local people. The place was buzzing. I saw several people I knew and stopped to chat with them - even bumping into a lady who looked after my daughter at Nursery School 20 year ago.

There were a combination of 'school stalls' as well as the local buffalo farm selling their meat, a local cheese producer selling killer lime and chili cheese amongst others - although I brought the ginger cheddar and some apricot and ginger chutney (a bit of a ginger theme going on here).

They also had the usual cakes and crafts stalls and some lovely knitted toys which were beautifully made. The cotton bags with Ysgol Bro Carmel on were great and I brought three (someone might get one in their stocking this year).

I really hope that people appreciate how hard everyone worked to get the day off the ground and hope that it proves to be a regular event.

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