Monday, 25 March 2013

Snow Joke !

Maybe I jinxed it in my last blog, when I said that good weather was on its way. Well I did say hopefully.   The start of the Easter holidays and we are knee deep in snow!  The forecast isn’t much better for the country but at least here we are lucky.  Our roads are clear and we have no problems getting about, we haven’t had our electricity cut off and its business as usual in the B&B.

However saying that it has had an effect on business and we now find ourselves with empty rooms for the Easter weekend. The last time I remember snow at Easter was when Les and I went to Cornwall for the holiday weekend.  We were camping and had pitched our tent in the sunshine and the next morning we woke up to snow.  That was about 30 years ago, so it doesn’t seem like a regular event.  So here are a few pictures just to show you how deep it has been. 

And if you fancy a break next weekend we still have availability.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Three months in already

Nearly mid March already and I wish I could say the winter was a distant memory. But unlike last year when we enjoyed lovely warm days in February and March, this year it has been a different story.   Although we have had lovely bright sunny days, they have been so cold. But this just increases my belief that the good weather is on its way.  

Already we have snowdrops and miniature daffodils out in the garden and the crocuses are making their usual colourful display.  They are always a welcome sight after a cold winter, but wrapped up and enjoying the open fire is defiantly one of the benefits of cold days and evenings.   The other thing that makes the cold weather enjoyable is ‘food’! A homemade soup, pies and stews with dumplings and warming hot puddings, is there anything better.

However as Easter is only two weeks away, I have had my warm and sunny hat on today, trying to work out some nice new recipes for our guests for the coming months.   It is very easy to get comfortable with the things that we cook regularly but new dishes are always a challenge and it’s sometimes a complete surprise how they turn out and taste!  

Breakfast too sometimes needs a rethink. The pancakes we cooked on Shrove Tuesday were so successful we are think of putting them on the breakfast menu all the time, what do you think?  A welcome change to a full Welsh breakfast or not!   Maybe we will trial them over Easter and see how popular they are. Watch this space.