Sunday, 17 November 2013

Christmas Pudding

Well I am a bit late this year making my Christmas puddings but they should be alright.  I  remember when I was a child my mother making them in October or even September, and she always made enough for the following Easter too.

Traditions are what makes families special and yesterday our daughter was home so she helped me prepare the mixture. It was lovely working together in the kitchen and laughing and sharing and remembering things that happened when she was young.  How lucky we are.  We all had a wish which is all part of the tradition, and today they are steaming on the top of the stove for their required 8 hours. 

I have always loved Christmas.  The preparations are really what make it fun.  Cooking, thinking of what to give, and making some of the gifts too also makes it very special.  I always think there is lots of time when its still November and then December arrives and panic!  Anyway it will be an enjoyable lead up to the festive season I hope, and I will try not to stress at all. Some hope of that!