Sunday, 26 June 2011

On Reflection !

Reflection is a wonderful thing. (Not the sort it the mirror, I try to avoid that these days!) But reflecting on this past week has been interesting. A busy B&B time is always challenging but when you add in a bit of extra plate spinning and that stack of cards, so carefully placed, start to fall - you think you must be mad.
One of the taps in a guest en-suite decided to seized up and we called the plumber, after he left the washing machine decided to play up, then we called the Engineer who luckily mended it. (£££ later of course). My hand blender broke in the middle of blending soup. I burnt my third batch of Welsh cakes and Les dropped the home made biscuits - all this on one very busy day. Then a friend popped in the told us of a bereavement and our very silly little problems that were stressing us out were put in to perspective.

Last night we went up the River Dee in Chester, a friend had hired a boat for her birthday party. It was a warm and sunny evening with a little breeze, good food, good friends and a few glasses of wine. Les and I even had a dance. It was a lovely evening.

This morning after breakfast one our our guests said "'that was the nicest breakfast I have ever had, anywhere' then went on to say how nice their room was and that they would definitely come back again for a longer stay next time. Compliments like that make it all worth while.

So on reflection a very good week. Bring on the plate spinning I say.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Sunshine, Vintage cars and a beach hut

In our effort to visit all corners of the British Isles we went off to Lincolnshire for a week in the caravan. It was the first time we had visited the county and found it a delightful and enchanting place. The Lincolnshire Wolds seem to be the only area that isn’t flat and as we meandered up and down gently rolling hills we were struck by the beauty of the farm land and little villages.
We stopped in a small place on the coast called Sandylands, next to Suton on Sea and a 15 minute walk took us to exactly that, a wide and long sandy beach stretching for miles edged with the faded grandeur of authentic circa. 1930’s beach huts. In fact we hired one whilst we were there and it was so much fun.

I had been told that visiting this area was like stepping back 30 or so years and it was a real breath of fresh air to find just tranquillity and peace in a sea side town. However despite its remoteness and lack of apparent sophistication we found as good a delicatessen that I have tried anywhere, serving wonderful homemade goodies, a fantastic fish and chip shop and a great pub serving excellent food. Coupled with lovely friendly people it really was a special place to visit.
There was a Vintage Car Show on Sunday in Louth so we decided to go. It was great real old fashioned family fun with lots of old cars beautifully restored by their dedicated owners.

We ventured as far as Lincoln another day and had a look at the lovely cathedral and castle. A really beautiful city with interesting architecture both old and new.

Apart from that we really didn’t do much apart from walk the dogs, read, relax, drink some wine and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Well that was last week - back home now with no more plans to get away again until after the summer so B&B Hat on again – cakes to bake, beds to make …………………………