Saturday, 21 November 2015

Les has got his spurtle ready

Suddenly it feels like winter. We have it seems enjoyed the last of the mild autumn days and after a week of high winds and rain, the temperatures have dropped and  it feels like winter is upon us. It dosnt seem possible that Christmas is just around the corner,  but yet the cold weather is somehow reassuring.  I love the changing seasons and it seems wrong to have sunshine at Christmas like they do in so many parts of the world.
But the real treat for winter is porridge.  It's a time when you can tuck into a bowl of yummy, thick goodness that warms you, fills you and nourishes you like no other breakfast can. 
So many people have changed there breakfast habits to include this most simple of morning rituals.   Whether for health reasons or just for the enjoyment of it, it is now one of our most popular breakfast requests from guests. 
Salt or sugar, golden syrup or plain, nuts, yogurt or fruit. There are many ways to enjoy this most humble of morning treats.
We pride ourselves on the breakfasts we serve our guests, and have received many compliments over the years about how good they are. So this time of year why not enjoy a bowl of goodness either before your cooked breakfast or instead of it. 
Les has his spurtle all ready. In fact if truth be told we have porridge in summer, winter, spring and autumn. It gets our vote most mornings.