Sunday, 30 January 2011

January - I feel sorry for you

To summon up any enthusiasm for January is always difficult. Being the second month of winter and normally the coldest it really doesn't have a lot going for it. Christmas and New Year festivities are quickly forgotten and fade when the bank balance has been reduced and the waistband expanded. The B&B is usually quiet and there are always jobs to catch up on.

To start yet another gym membership and another diet must be the two worst things to do when you feel more like sitting by the fire and eating hot wholesome food. I did start the month with the best of intentions but due to a whole number of really legitimate reasons I haven't done either.

But here we are nearly at the end of the month and February looms - a much better month all round. The bulbs are starting to pop through the cold earth, the days are already getting longer and the promise of Spring is starting to be believed.

Sorry January but I won't miss you this year - I think next year it might be a good idea to go to Australia - after all its their second month of Summer!