Thursday, 23 July 2015

Glorious offerings from the garden

How remiss of me not to have blogged for so long. My excuse is having a new granddaughter who is of course the apple of our eye - 10 months old already where does the time go.

Talking of fruit it is the season for jam making and so far this week Les has picked over 8lbs of gooseberries, 10lbs of blackcurrants and a lot of raspberries. So I have had a couple of days jam making to ensure that there are plenty of supplies for breakfast.

 Have made the gooseberry and blackcurrant ( 2nd batched boiled over though - woops) so far, but am debating whether to try making raspberry jam as I haven’t tried it before. I have a recipe for ‘no cook raspberry jam’ but it doesn’t keep longer than 2 months so I may just freeze them and enjoy them through the year in puddings.

If anyone has a good recipe for raspberry jam I would love to hear from them. 

Oh well that has been my ten minutes sitting down at the computer, back to the cooking now. Evening meals tonight for four guests.