Saturday, 6 August 2016

A square that became a blanket

Crochet was always something I could do! My paternal grandmother was a wonderful and creative craftswoman, making exquisite lace with a crochet hook and fine cotton, which she used to edge her white linen tablecloths. She also embroidered beautifully and knitted many of my childhood 'woollies' .  So it was just a matter of course that she would teach us what she knew, and she did. So as I said crocheting was something that I could do and although I visited it in the 1970's during my 'hippy' period to make shawls and bags etc. it is only in the last few years, since the birth of my first grandchild, that I have started in earnest again with hook and wool.

I started with a plain while shawl for the new baby and subsequently have made a few more as presents. Then I decided to explore more colourful items and, with all the odd bits of wool I have managed to gather, started making granny squares.

I didn't really know when to stop so kept going and after several months of making 2 or 3 in an evening I had enough to make a blanket. I must say I am really pleased with it and it is wonderfully warm and cosy. I have put it on our bed and with the summer we are currently 'enjoying' it is a necessary addition on top of the summer duvet that I confidentially put on all the beds back in June.

So now I am embarking on a bigger project and that is to make covers for all the beds in the B&B.  I really must be mad!!!

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