Friday, 6 January 2012

12th night blues - not me

We look forward to Christmas for so long, all that rushing around, shopping and worry over present buying, and then whoosh its gone. Today I have taken all the decorations down and they are safely packed away in their boxes ready to be put back in the attic where they will stay for another 12 months. Anyone who has stayed with us will know that there is nothing contemporary or minimalist about our house but isn’t it funny how bare it looks after the decs come down. As much as I loved putting them up when the decorations come down and I have cleaned every nook and cranny I always feel renewed. Maybe it’s just the passing of time into the New Year that makes you feel like starting all over again. This of course is what we do. Life like the seasons has a pattern and as we head off into yet another year I feel optimistic and hopeful for the forthcoming months. I have always been an optimist and I know the country is in a terrible state, people are struggling and many face adversity but the New Year to me always holds a sense of excitement and hope. Whether you believe 12th night is the 5th or 6th January (it changes according to your beliefs) let me wish you all good fortune and good health for 2012.

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